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Great ideas don't just happen. They're born out of love. 

At Brookfeld Asset Management Company, a trusted global leader in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs), we strive to create investment opportunities that matter to our clients.  In doing so, we hope to help create a world that taps heretofore untapped markets, benefiting both the single-parcel buyer, the global investor, and everyone in between.


From the people who grow and make your morning coffee, to the pharmaceutical companies that enrich your life, to the growers and manufacturers of the lumber and steel used to make your new home, to the lenders who provide your financing, to your employers who benefit from a contented stable work force, to the migrant workers who grow your organic produce, we keep the economy moving. 

That's why, when presented with an opportunity to enrich (and invest in) the lives of affluent, mostly white homosexual men in a way that benefits the overall global economy, we loudly and proudly said "yes." We support you.  After all, when it comes to investing in areas like mortgage-backed securities, pharmaceuticals and the sexual-industrial complex, gay money is just as green as everyone else's, right? Heck, maybe it's even just a tad bit greener.

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